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Mileage correction Shropshire             Wrexham & Birmingham




Mileage correction Shropshire Birmingham Wrexham.

Mileage Shropshire/Birmingham/Wrexham, We can do digital dash correction in many cases this would be for a used ECU that's not cloned and so the clocks often come with the ECU and will not show the correct mileage.


Other cases may be a used engine and you want the mileage to reflect the engines mileage not the shell of the vehicle, also you may of had someone come to you and try change the mileage and they've either left the wrong mileage or the dreaded 999999 or xxxx on your dash. We have corrected many clocks like this and often see workshops using poor equipment or have little knowledge or support. 


Should you need this service its down to yourselves by law to tell the person who you sell the vehicle to in future.

This is 100% legal for us to perform its also legal for you to have it done, its only illegal if you sell the vehicle and do not tell the buyer. 

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