Re-mapping/tuning custom stage 1 stage 2 mobile.

[✅] Up To 50% more BHP.

[✅] Up To 50% more torque.

[✅] 4wd dyno if needed in Shrewsbury.

[✅] Up To 20% more MPG.

[✅] Better throttle response.

[✅] Lifetime warranty.

[✅] Vehicle diagnostic included.

[✅] Stages 1 2 3+ available.

[✅] KTAG.

[✅] Auto tuner. 

[✅] KESSV2.

[✅] Tractor re-mapping.

[✅] Motorcycle re-mapping.  

[✅] Car re-mapping. 

[✅] Van re-mapping. 

[✅] Finance available 4 - 12 Month with no credit checks and no interest.

We at JC Remaps offer many services which include; custom re-mapping stages 1 and 2 mobile in 100% of England and Wales, if stage 3 is needed we have dyno in Shrewsbury. Carbon engine cleaning is available when booked on its own in Shropshire, Staffordshire, Cheshire Powys, North Wales, Birmingham and other areas surronding Shropshire, DPF cleaning is only available in Shrewsbury, mileage correction in Shropshire, DSG gearbox tuning is mobile in England and Wales. Our smoke boost leak detection is mobile in Shropshire . Re-mapping prices start from £160 but we offer multiple vehicle discount's.

All our remaps come with FREE: 



(This disables the functions and can save costly repair bills this is also done to add performance gains)


(This is generally for vans with the 70MPH restrictions)


(This is would be for vehicles with decat and will stop the engine management light coming on and wil stop the car from over fuelling)


(POPS AND HARDCUT THE CAR MUST BE DECATTED IF PETROL COMPELTELY STRAIGHT THROUGH IF DIESEL IF NOT THIS WILL CAUSE MAJOR DAMAGE). These modifications can be carried out at our Shrewsbury garage as we need a ramp, the process is 3-6 hours labour so we offer a drop off service to the local town centre. 

We can also offer; 


(DPF MUST BE REMOVED FIRST OR WILL CAUSE MAJOR DAMAGE. You can not just delete the DPF it must be removed if not the turbo will blow up and cause major oil leaks and potentially destroy the engine)



(This would be for vehicles fitted with this system and have removed the DPF so no longer need it. There are cases where the ad-blue can fail and will be costly to repair so again in this case it can be a option to delete it.


(The most common code we see is the p0401 relating t the EGR not working due to blanking or to much carbon removing this will then remove the engine management light, other codes can be removed that's relate to other problems.


STAGE 1 = No mods are required for this, we will write the map from your stock map off the vehicle's ECU according to dyno proven results. Safety specifications on parts like what psi/bar will the turbo take safely and then adjust according to the mileage.

STAGE 2 = This will adapt from stage 1 and will be with modifications which are needed such as induction kits, panel filters, exhaust mods mainly decat and DPF removal and then an upgraded intercooler. (Please contact us if DPF removal is required along with decat.)

STAGE 3 = This again adapts from stage 2 but will require more mods, the more you push the vehicle the less lifespan is expected of it. Stage 3 modifications will be things such as larger/hybrid turbo's, bigger fuel pump, bigger injectors, water meth kits, nos kits and forging of the internals making it more like a track day performance vehicle.


-OBD Jobs will be the most easiest method of tuning a vehicle, if the tuning tools on the market have not managed to unlock the OBD yet then its a case of using BENCH, again if that's not yet unlocked its a k-tag BOOT. 

OBD JOBS Are the easiest method to tune and take up to 90mins with no need to remove ECU.

BENCH JOBS Are the next best thing to OBD jobs, we will need to remove ECU but not dismantle it as such, this will take more time and wheel arches etc may need to be removed. Time frames are from 1 hour to 90mins

BOOT-  K-TAG The most awkward type of job. This is the same as bench but will need probes and the ECU will need to be taken apart. Time frames are from 1 hour to 3.

All jobs are insured we will never do anything other than OBD unless necessary, regular updates on the tuning tools means if its a BOOT JOB now it may not be soon, this may take a day or may take a year or more. 

All maps will be exactly the same no matter which way they are installed there all custom ECU remaps, the way we have to tune them makes no difference to what you are getting so don't be fooled. A lot of company's will have you think that if you pay more you get more, this is not the case. We believe strongly in fair pricing, high quality, top standards and honesty with all our customers.

JC Remaps engine carbon clean service:
[♻] Is your car smoking excessively?
[♻] Is your car heavy on fuel?
[♻] Is your car sluggish?
[♻] Has your car failed it's MOT due to high emissions?


[🚀] Increased power.

[🚘] Instant results.

[⛽] Improved mpg.

[📉] Lowers emissions up to 72%.

[📈] Smoother and better power deliverance.

[📊] Restored BHP.

[↕️] Revitalises engine and combustion chamber.

[💰] Better fuel consumption.

[💸] Help PREVENT blocked DPF's and EGR's
saving on costly repair bills.


We want our customers to get the maximum benefits from a remap. The results can be effected by dirty components and poor fuel delivery. Our Carbon Cleaning system ensures your engine is running at maximum power and efficiency prior to tuning. This service can also be used to solve a number of running issues, whether your car is remapped or not….

Unlike the basic hydrogen based engine carbon cleaning services you may have seen advertised, ours offers far more – with a number of separate solutions for Petrol and Diesel engines which can successfully clean:

  • Injectors

  • Intake valves 

  • DPF

  • EGR valve

  • Catalytic converter

  • Swirl flaps

  • Turbos

  • Inlet manifold 

  • Catalytic converter

  • Spark plugs 

  • Free MAF clean 

  • Free diagnostic's

  • Free fluid battery check


EGR and DPF, valves, manifold, turbo, injectors, sparks and CAT all cleaned with lower emission's prolonging life of engine and restores MPG and power.



DSG & BMW Gearbox Tuning.

DSG/BMW Gearbox tuning is custom - there are light modifications for the tuning that can be made to improve shift speed, responsiveness and smoothness of the gearbox and power delivery. Significant gains in torque delivery can be achieved; track day and sports enthusiast drivers will simply love it. Our DSG & BMW Gearbox remapping offers 70% improvement in shift speed and significant ¼ mile and 0-60 improvement. At JC Remaps, our DSG & BMW Gearbox remaps is measurable, demonstrable, and very noticeable - you will really enjoy these changes and that's a money back promise of 7 days. 



Are you worried you have a leak? Have you got turbo  boost issues or EVAP DTC? Can you hear a louder whistle noise than normal? Leaks as small as a EGR gasket missing or sowing needle size can cause issues and develop into bigger issues, these are next to impossible to locate. The only way is smoking, we use a professional machine to find these leaks and can be detected in minutes making it easy to replace.



If your DPF is blocked or clogged, you will typically see an orange light on your dashboard. The light is usually an icon that represents the DPF filter itself - a piped box with dots in the middle, but this varies and depends on the manufacturer. 

DPF Removal

The fitment of a DPF (diesel particulate filter) is a legal requirement in the UK, and across many parts of the world, so removing your DPF is illegal, even if it is blocked. You can face a fine of up to £1,000 for cars and £2,500 for vans if you are caught removing your DPF filter, and it can also invalidate your car insurance policy. We of course offer DPF delete if its been removed and can arrange removal in Shropshire should you wish to come to us, we will always do our up most to make the removal discreet and will help you with the MOT.

If you are having issues with a blocked DPF, then the simple solution is cleaning or DPF regeneration, rather than running the risk of removing the filter entirely.

98% success rate for blocked DPF units.

2 Months warranty. 

Free carbon clean included.


Free diagnostic included.


ONLY £140