You must agree online to giving consent for JC Remaps to change the settings in the software on your vehicle, all changes will be done according to dyno proven gains and the safety specifications of the engine according to the manufacturers. 



JC Remaps is responsible for the removal of the ECU and this may need removal of wheel arches, wiper blades or pedestrian airbags. Most vehicles don't require removal you will be told at the time of booking or the day before we are due to arrive in case of updates.



IMPORTANT please ask about this or you will be accepting the terms even if fail to ask. 



You will be asked to test drive the vehicle to make sure its running right and there are no issues with the remap itself then you will be asked if your happy and if anything needs to be looked at. 


All cars fitted with a DPF must be driven on long journeys or they will risk blocking up this makes no difference whether the vehicle is remapped or not. Please again ask on the day of this applies to you and your vehicle.



Free carbon cleans don't apply to bench, boot or DPF removal jobs due to the time scale involved and the completive prices JC Remaps has.


Free EGR delete, swirl flap delete, will apply to everyone who requires this. Also we have free hard cut limiters, pops & bangs and 02 delete some modifications must have been made before arrival or will cause damage. We are the only company in the UK who gives this free with a remap. We wouldn't recommended EGR delete with most DPF fitted vehicle's unless its already stopped working this may affect the DPF, if the EGR actuator needs to be unplugged you will need to do this as many are in places were its hard to access. Some EGR Swirl delete will need the actuator to be unplugged please ask us about this.


Most diesels will see mpg gains even with a performance remap, unless you ask for a economy remap these gains can't be guaranteed. Again we see 90% of diesels gaining MPG on performance. Any EGR delete will see fuel loss and again with petrol's no MPG gains can be seen or guaranteed.  



This is called a VR this downloads an original copy of what should be on your ECU. This means we can only map from an original copy and we can not tell you if your car already has a map on it, this will just write over what's on it now. Again this will relate to underlying issues or you not seeing any difference in the map you will be told if its a VR on arrival there is nothing that can be done about this as every tuner will have the same issue. and this is safer and cheaper than ECU removal.


Please ask about our 7 day money back  guarantee and how you can claim it plus our 30 days to map in mods period. 


We have offered this disclaimer online so its clear to everyone unlike other company's where there are hidden catches etc. If you fail to agree or don't ask on the day terms will still apply. All work is insured and we will only push vehicles to a safe limit. If you require more power afterwards your need stage 2/3 please look on "What we do page on this website".


Please can you send "Agree" via the way the link was sent you, thank you JC Remaps management