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JC Remaps UK aim to offer the very best in vehicle tuning. JC Remaps prides itself in supplying Tuning Services that complement the vehicle and the customer’s requirements, and always is safe, reliable, and in no way effects vehicle operation or longevity of the vehicle.

Motorsport Tuning demanding greater performance or higher than the Company recommended tuning levels for a privately-owned vehicle, intended for use on the road, will need to consider the vehicles service and maintenance cycles.  Since, performance increased to higher levels normally reserved for motorsport purposes, will require more frequent service cycles, in-line with normal motorsport protocols and lead to reduced service times for privately-owned vehicles.  The component life, including, but not limited to engine, brakes, transmission and drive chain, damage the vehicle, its parts and/or compromise its safety, reliability and longevity.


You will be asked to test drive the vehicle to make sure its running right and there are no issues with the remap itself then you will be asked if your happy and if anything needs to be looked at.


All cars fitted with a DPF Must be driven on long journeys or they will risk blocking up this makes no difference whether the vehicle is remapped or not. Please again ask on the day of this applies to you and your vehicle.


Most diesels will see MPG Gains even with a performance remap, unless you ask for a economy remap these gains can't be guaranteed. Again we see 90% of diesels gaining MPG on performance. Some petrol turbo vehicles have also seen gains for MPG.


Some ECU'S Cannot be directly read from.  The virtual read file is an original copy according to the software ID Numbers which saves having to remove the ECU.


This gives the ability to check if a car has already been tuned in any way.


Not all underlying issues can be spotted we do our up most to do full health checks and visual inspections on the day. All our remaps are tailored to your vehicle .


We often take a deposit this covers fuel to get to you and/or the specific time allocated for the work and time of travel to you. Cancellations are non refundable we will offer you the chance to re book if this is before 24 Hour notice of cancelling. Surcharges are with all DPF Removal jobs these are automatically taken off in the price we quote unless you specifically ask about keeping your scrap. This means you will always pay less on the day.


Lifetime warranty is given with all tuning work and this means if a dealership wiped it we can re-tune it according to the new software.


Are we tuning you vehicle and does it have the DSG Gearbox or BMW F + Series auto gearbox? Ask us about gearbox tuning or visit the "What we do page on this website to see what we can do for you, for the engine and gearbox to be done on the say day will work out cheaper than separate. Some other makes are now available.


Please do tell us if you believe your vehicle is already mapped, 80% of the time we can't do much more, you may feel the map already on your car is rubbish but this is often phycological or as stated on this page your car may have a weakness. We will not be prepared to come out mobile to your your vehicle if its already tuned as some tuners use locks on the maps. Vehicle's that have been already tuned may cause damage, we will accept no responsibility for damage caused by previous tunes or locks that are on the vehicle.


If we are carrying this out for you please see the government advice on this. We will advise you after the jobs done on how to keep yourself OK On MOT'S Afterwards and do not take responsibility on you ignoring this advice.  Surcharges always apply these are taken off the price quoted unless you ask to keep the scrap.


JC Remaps covers a huge area as is one the most busiest tuning company's in the UK if we are due to arrive late or earlier than planned we will always contact you please be considerate in the view traffic and jobs with problems may make us late thank you. If we arrive to you and your vehicle has been already mapped there will be a fee, this prevents us wasting time and fuel. If you believe there may be a map on your car you'd be better off saying now.

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