JC Remaps UK aim to offer the very best in vehicle tuning.

JC REMAPS prides itself in supplying Tuning Services that complement the vehicle and the customer’s requirements, and always is safe, reliable, and in no way effects vehicle operation or longevity of the vehicle.

Motorsport Tuning demanding greater performance or higher than the Company recommended tuning levels for a privately-owned vehicle, intended for use on the road, will need to consider the vehicles service and maintenance cycles.  Since, performance increased to higher levels normally reserved for motorsport purposes, will require more frequent service cycles, in-line with normal motorsport protocols and lead to reduced service times for privately-owned vehicles.  The component life, including, but not limited to engine, brakes, transmission and drive chain, damage the vehicle, its parts and/or compromise its safety, reliability and longevity.


IMPORTANT If you vehicle has underlying issues or weakness any remap will highlight them 10 times as fast as it would show normally, all the relevant checks are done before we apply the map but in some cases this won't show until a few days or weeks this may look as if its the map but it was a underlying problem. Please test drive your vehicle through all gears and all RPM unless its a ECO map this will help us identify any underlying issues and or weaknesses you vehicle may have and then adjust accordingly on the day. All our maps are dyno developed and are all CUSTOM to each vehicle this makes them as safe as the manufacturer recommends.  



You will be asked to test drive the vehicle to make sure its running right and there are no issues with the remap itself then you will be asked if your happy and if anything needs to be looked at. Failure to tell us or anything happening after the remap and test drive may result in you needing to come back to us to have a look at the vehicle in Shrewsbury at our garage. 


All cars fitted with a DPF must be driven on long journeys or they will risk blocking up this makes no difference whether the vehicle is remapped or not. Please again ask on the day of this applies to you and your vehicle.



Free carbon cleans don't apply to bench, boot or DPF removal jobs due to the time scale involved and the competitive prices JC Remaps has.  

Freebies must be requested on/before arrival if not we will not add them and you may risk being declined them due to it taking extra time than has been allotted.


Free EGR delete, swirl flap delete, will apply to everyone who requires this. Also we have free hard cut limiters, pops & bangs and 02 delete some modifications must have been made before arrival or will cause damage. We are the only company in the UK who gives this free with a remap. We wouldn't recommended EGR delete with most DPF fitted vehicle's unless its already stopped working this may affect the DPF. DO NOT make a booking based only on pops as some ECU's don't allow this we will only know when we are with the car. Please be aware if we disable the functions of EGR Swirls you may be required to unplug these, we may not be able to do this on the day due to some of the location's needing a ramp to disconnect them, if you are attending our garage in Shrewbsu


Most diesels will see mpg gains even with a performance remap, unless you ask for a economy remap these gains can't be guaranteed. Again we see 90% of diesels gaining MPG on performance. Any EGR delete will see fuel loss and again with petrol's no MPG gains can be seen or guaranteed.  



Please be aware if you have a carbon clean this will make your MPG go down this is because your vehicle is stood whilst the engine is running, to see true gains we suggest resetting you MPG read out then filling up a full tank once empty check the MPG compared to what this was before we arrived. 


Some ECUs cannot be directly read. This feature is simply not implemented by the manufacturer because he never needs to read the content of the car’s ECU, only flash it for updates. So, the virtual read is the only way to read the ECU data. The virtual read file is an original file that corresponds to the software number of the ECU actually installed in the car. Virtual read is fast, the file is instantly downloaded from the server in a couple of seconds. With this virtual read, even if the car is tuned, if you read the car, you will always have an original file. 


It’s the real readout from the car’s ECU. So if the car is tuned, you read the tuning file, if the car is original, you read the original file.


We often take a deposit this covers fuel to get to you and/or the specific time allocated for the work and time of travel to you. Cancellations are non refundable we will offer you the chance to re book if this is before 24 hour notice of cancelling.  


Lifetime warranty is given with all tuning work and this means if a dealership wiped it we can re-install it, no need to pay again this will be offered in Shrewsbury free or at a cost of mobile.



We unlike many company's offer you the chance to map in mods up to 30 days after we tune your vehicle we will explain this when complete the work on your car. You may have to come back to us in Shrewsbury for this.


Are we tuning you vehicle and does it have the DSG Gearbox or BMW F-G Series auto gearbox? Ask us about gearbox tuning or visit the "What we do page on this website to see what we can do for you, for the engine and gearbox to be done on the say day will work out cheaper than separate.


We always advice regular services and cam belt changes, we also advise high octane fuel from Tesco 99 or shell V-Power, premium diesel is also better on the engine, octane boosters and cetane boosters and be bought online and always gives your vehicle a longer lifespan and less risks with having trouble in future again the same with servicing this should be done regular.


Please do tell us if you believe your vehicle is already mapped, 90% of the time we can't do much more, you may feel the map already on your car is rubbish but this is often phycological or as stated on this page your car may have a weakness. We will not be prepared to come out mobile to your your vehicle if its already tuned as some tuners use locks on the maps they will not tell you they have and will often lie if you ask them, this means we cant access the maps to change them. Other potential hazards are locks can shut the ECU Down, and if cloned Chinese tools such as the kessv2 master you can buy on Ebay then kiss goodbye to your running normally again. As stated in the VR Bit of info on this page, if your vehicle was already tuned and we take a VR we will of never known.

Some company's will of course tell you they can make changes and the map on your car is damaging but our best advice is start again try a dealership for a software update. 


JC Remaps covers a huge area as is one the most busiest tuning company's in the UK if we are due to arrive late or earlier than planned we will always contact you please be considerate in the view traffic and jobs with problems may make us late thank you. If we arrive to you and your vehicle has been already mapped there will be a fee, this prevents us wasting time and fuel. If you believe there may be a map on your car you'd be better off saying now. 7 Day money back guarantee applies to any vehicle which has not had our exhaust modifications, this will be subject to losses made.